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Northern Sky Magazine - Great British R&B Review

"After impressing last year's festival goers on the Introducing Stage, the young four-piece blues rockers Sugarman Sam & the Voodoo Men opened Centre Stage with an uncompromising dose of hard-hitting blues rock. "My education was the record store" sang Sam during(Blues) My Shining Light – a song which recounts the history of Sam's musical journey - before taking us on a tour of the styles this fine young bluesman has mastered since the age of thirteen. From Some Kind of Voodoo, with its deliciously swampy rhythm and stunning piano solo from Paul McCormick, to the strutting new song, this was a performance that laid a steady foundation for the rest of the festival and proved that the blues is safe in the hands of a new generation."


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Record Store Education - Blues Matters

Record Store Education - Blues in Britain

Record Store Education - RawRamp Album Review

"This is an incredibly impressive blues-rock album. Played with sure-handed skill.


It shows that a group of zealous talents, leveraging a large amount of effort and demonstrating some natural virtue and painstaking endurance, can still make an exceedingly fine album without the need to spend exorbitant amounts of money, or sell their soul via various PR driven urges. Cracking stuff!" - Neil Mach, RawRamp Mag


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Music224.com - HRH Blues Review

"Starting the weekend off we had Sugarman Sam and the Voodoo men, this was the last day of their UK tour and finished it off in style with great songs including “Give Me One Reason” and “Stone Cold Man”, engaging the increasing crowd and getting them well into the spirit of a full day of Blues."


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Interview with Neil Mach - RawRamp Magazine

"We were excited to chat to you today because there’s a buzz going around about Sugarman Sam and the Voodoo Men"


Sam: “Well I think that’s good. And it is probably due to our E.P. And our album. So a bit of back story for you: We wanted to get onto the blues circuit and we wanted to push into Europe. And we had just been offered a slot at the introducing stage in Skegness. [The Great British Rock & Blues Festival at Butlins Skegness — Reviewed Here] and we said “We don’t want to go to Skegness with a product that’s been out for too long” — so let’s do the album! We didn’t know how we were gonna fund it. We didn’t know where we were gonna do it… but at least we decided it should be done.”



Bluesdoodles Magazine - HRH Review

"The opening set confirmed this was a blues weekend, Sugarman Sam and The Voodoo Men delivered blues that appeals and on the back of winning a slot on the main stage of Skegness 2017 he has the confidence and the desired swagger to deliver. This they did with a mix of classics and their own tunes including Coming Home off their EP. Then two more unplugged sessions...Sam sugared and with his voodoo spin stripped down and it really worked. Sam’s vocals were reminiscent of a young Tommy Allen. The unplugged sets work giving an insight into the base-line of the main stage act." 



Raw Ramp Magazine - HRH Review 2016

Blues Matters Magazine 'Bluebloods' Feature - March 2016

Blues in Britain 'Introducing' feature - March 2016

What can I say about Sugarman Sam and the Voodoo Men?  To the stage, they bring oodles of talent, along with powerful, original songs to get your moving - each one with a giant singalong chorus.  David Miller on drums has mastered his trade, and his technique brings a powerhouse drum sound, that suits the band so well.  Gareth Goodwin on bass - this guy can hold a solid groove, making it look effortless - an integral part of any great band is a good bass player, and this guy has it.  Paul McCormick on keys - man, this guy can play!  A huge talent, the way he does it is so clever - he feeds off the other guys, a great thing to witness.  Front man and guitarist Sugarman Sam - I've known him for rather a long time, and I knew the first time I saw him play he had something.  Well, that was seven years ago - the commitment he has put in shows through his playing, just a phenomenal guitarist and an awesome singer.  Needless to say this band bring it, and they bring it big  time.  I know when I watch them that I'm witnessing the next big blues rock band in the UK...

Robert Gregson, Rolling Thunder Entertainment

Sugarman Sam and the Voodoo Men have hit the music scene with the force of a wrecking ball, delivering blistering shows full of groove and energy.  Are they blues?  Are they rock?  Clearly the answer to both is a massive "yes!"  


Sam Lay is not your every day blues man - he plays his guitar with such skill it's literally jaw-dropping, and his voice is full of passion - a star of the future for certain.  The rhythm section of bassist Gareth Goodwin and drummer David Miller are so tightly locked in, they create a groove which will have you tapping your foot in an instant.  Keyboard master Paul McCormick adds epic piano and Hammond to the mix - a truly great band.


Watching Sugarman Sam and the Voodoo Men, you can't help but feel you are witnessing the birth of something special.  The mix of classic anthems and original songs, destined to be classics of the future, guarantee a top show.


The launch of their EP is eagerly anticipated and will undoubtedly see the boys' already considerable popularity rise yet further.

Darren 'Oli' Oliver-Jones, My Never Time